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How to Draw an Iguana

How to draw an iguana

The times when lizards ruled the world have long ago passed (we certainly talk about dinosaurs, not reptoids or lizard people). But despite this, our planet is full of various lizards, many of which we have already drawn on our website. This lesson will also be devoted to a reptile, and the lesson topic is how to draw an iguana.


Step 1

Here are the first steps: head in a shape of an oval, an oval torso, a long tail and short limbs.

How to draw an iguana

Step 2

Now draw the mouth and eye. Connect the head with the torso by the lines of the neck, make the tail and paws thicker.

Learn to draw an iguana

Step 3

We give the head of the iguana a more distinctive appearance, drawing the eyes and the wrinkled contours of the head and neck.

How to draw a lizard

Step 4

Smoothly move to the torso and limbs, redrawing them with neat and clean lines. And of course we do not forget to remove unnecessary lines.

iguana drawing

Step 5

Gradually draw shadows to the iguana drawing, trying to give it the volume. With light hatching draw the transverse strips on the body.

How to draw an iguana

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