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How to Draw an Anime Girl Easy

How to draw an anime girl

We regularly check our comments and we know that many of you are very fond of anime. Once again, we decided to devote time to this beautiful painting style. Therefore, today we present you this drawing guide on how to draw an anime girl easy.

Step 1

First, we draw a little man from sticks and circles to show the location of the character on a sheet of paper, as well as the basic features of the figure and proportions. So here we see a childish figure with a large head, narrow shoulders and a narrow basin. The lower limbs have no bend. The upper limbs have minimal, barely noticeable bends.

Easy anime girl drawing

Step 2

Let’s work with the head and torso. On the head we need to create landmarks in order to draw facial features. Crossing lines will help us with this. The vertical line should be offset slightly away from us. The horizontal line is located much lower than the conditional center.

Also in this step we will connect the contours of the pelvis and chest using two vertical smooth lines. And we outline the lower body in the form of a triangle.

How to draw cute anime girl

Step 3

Now we need to give the limbs a little volume. To do this, you need to draw cylinders that are interspersed in large circles, as in our sample. You can see small extensions only on the lower extremities. Here the hips narrow downwards, and the tibia have a characteristic bend. Do not overdo the bends so that your anime girl does not become like the Incredible Hulk.

How to draw an anime girl easy

Step 4

So we have a practically completed silhouette. Now we need to add detail to make it look like a real anime girl. Let’s draw large, round eyes, hair with sharpened contours, and other facial features with a few short lines. The eyes look like oversized tops that overlap with a smooth horizontal line.

How to draw an anime girl step by step

Step 5

Now let’s add some clothing items. Here we see the usual elements of a school uniform, such as a large collar with a bow, wide sleeves and a skirt. Do not forget to look into our special lesson on how to draw clothes in anime style. Also in this step we outline the contours of the sneaker and short socks.

Easy to draw an anime girl

Step 6

Let’s detail the head and face of this beautiful anime girl. This is not difficult at all – as you can see, you only need to draw a pair of round pupils and erase the extra guidelines on the face and inside the contours of the hair.

Anime girl drawing easy

Step 7

So we continue the guide on how to draw an anime girl. In this step, we will draw a final, crisp line around the wide collar and bow. Pay attention to the edging, which is formed by thin lines on the lower outer part of the collar. Also erase the excess guidelines from the edge of the garment and draw square hanging parts.

Cute anime girl drawing

Step 8

Now we will draw the final contours of the sleeves and hands. Sleeves should have a smooth extension downward. On the distal parts of the sleeves are folds of fabric that look like a Nike logo. Then the sleeves go into sharply narrowed cuffs.

When you draw clenched fists, do not forget to look into our lesson on how to draw anime hands, fists and fingers.

Anime girl sketch

Step 9

So, we repeat the previous step, only now we will detail the lower body and legs. Use the usual smooth lines to create slender elegant contours. Avoid too sharp bends and transitions.

Anime girl drawing

Step 10

So we almost got the final result. If you want to make your picture even more realistic you can add some shadows. So, we paint over the upper part of the eye, apply light shadows above and under the skirt and also along the edges of the body.

How to draw an anime girl

If you encounter any difficulties while working on this drawing guide, please write to us in the comments. We are also waiting for your opinion on our work in our social networks. Do not forget that the preparation of plans for new lessons with us is in accordance with your desires. If you have long wanted to draw someone, you can simply write about it in our social networks.


  1. thanks a lot it is my first anime and withe your guide i was able to do it really good

  2. yea, I did it too dark as well. LOL probably cause I was using mechanical pencil….

  3. Ok i dont draw Manga bur i really liked this one because its really cute

  4. Its really helping me with my drawing but i kinda hate how it doesnt go all over the steps,like it just does a few things then a few things again but some of the steps i just dont know how to draw

    1. It’s to hard for me Im 8 and I drew a BTS one and it was perfect but this is to hard😡

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