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How to Draw a Zombie Hand

how to draw a zombie hand

In this lesson, we will show you how to draw a zombie hand. This zombie hand drawing tutorial is based on our tutorial on how to draw hands.

In fact, drawing a zombie hand is not much different from drawing any other hand. To give the drawing a more natural look, it will be necessary to add a few details, which we will talk about in this instruction.

As you can see, in our example, the zombie hand is drawn in a realistic style and in accordance with the anatomy of this part of the body. At the end of this guide, we will add shadows to make it more realistic.

So, it’s time to proceed to the instruction on how to draw a zombie hand.


Step 1

So, start drawing the zombie hand from the palm. Using light and loose lines sketch out the polygon as in our example. The width and height of this geometric shape should be approximately the same.

how to draw a zombie hand

Step 2

Using cylindrical geometric shapes, sketch out the fingers. Each finger has three phalanges. The middle finger should be the largest and the little finger the smallest. The ring and little fingers should be slightly bent for a more natural-looking hand.

how do you draw a zombie hand

Step 3

Use a few simple lines to sketch out the thumb. It should be thicker than the rest of the fingers and have a slightly different shape. Next, with a couple of simple lines, sketch out the forearm, which should taper slightly from the wrist to the bottom.

how to draw a zombie hand step by step

Step 4

Now it’s time to add some detail to the sketch. Use smooth lines to trace all the details, connecting them and giving a more natural look. Draw nails on the fingers where they are visible. Use smooth, curved lines to draw folds to the palm.

how to draw a zombie hand coming out of the ground

Step 5

Erase all unnecessary guidelines from the zombie’s hand. Trace all the necessary lines. Add additional folds if required. Do not forget that in the process of drawing it is necessary to constantly compare the parts of the drawing with each other and look for mistakes in order to correct them in time.

how to draw a realistic zombie hand

Step 7

To make the hank look more into a zombie’s hand, you need to add scratches and scuffs as in our example. To make your artwork look more natural and convincing, you need to add shadows using hatching. We talked about this in more detail in our article on light and shadow.

how to draw a zombie hand

So, the zombie hand drawing tutorial is over, and it’s time to try to consolidate the knowledge gained. To do this, you need to draw this detail in different poses and from different points of view. In other words, you need to practice and try to repeat the drawing of the zombie hand, adding some changes.

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