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How to Draw Quicksilver

how to draw quicksilver

Hello everyone and welcome to drawing tutorial on how to draw Quicksilver. Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) is a character and superhero of Marvel Comics and their adaptations, created by writer Stan Lee and co-artist Jack Kirby and first appeared in X-Men # 4 in March 1964. And as you know, Pietro Maximoff is a son of Magneto and brother of Scarlet Witch.


Step 1

Let’s start as always with the most basic – from the skeleton of our Quicksilver. Today our character is in a very unusual position – he runs in our direction, so his proportions are slightly distorted. First draw the head in the form of an oval, then descend below and sketch out the spine, thorax and pelvis. At the very end of the step sketch out the limbs.

how to draw Quicksilver

Step 2

Here we need to add volume to the figure of Pietro Maximoff. Now we sketch out the torso, which goes into the pelvis and then to the legs. Now sketch out the shoulders and arms. Note that because of the features of the perspective the right hand of the Quicksilver looks very large, and the legs are small.

how to draw Quicksilver  from x men

Step 3

On the horizontal line from the last step draw the eyes. Draw the frown eyebrows above the eyes. Next sketch out the nose and mouth. Note that due to the features of the perspective it seems that the face is too low on the head.

how to draw Quicksilver

Step 4

Continue drawing the head of our Quicksilver. Carefully draw out the jaw and form the chin. On the sides of the head draw out the ears. At the very end of this step draw the neckline.

draw Quicksilver  step by step

Step 5

In this step we finish drawing the head of our Quicksilver. More precisely, here we will draw his famous hairstyle. First draw the long bang using long curved lines. Then draw the remaining hair with the help of short strokes.

learn to Draw Quicksilver from marvel

Step 6

Here we begin to draw the torso of our superhero. First draw slightly curved lines of trapezoids. Next draw the rounded deltoid that passes into the pectoral muscle. At the very end of this step draw the lightning – the most famous element of the costume.

learn to Quicksilver

Step 7

Continue the drawing lesson about how to draw Quicksilver. Draw the arms and the lines of the muscles in the same way as in our example. Carefully draw out the fists, and to find out more about this visit the drawing lesson on how to draw hands.

How to Draw Quicksilver from marvel

Step 8

Draw the pelvis (rather classic superhero shorts put on top of the pants). Then draw the legs. Pay attention that we did not add too many details to the legs, as it is necessary to give the effect of rapid movement in the next stage.

quicksilver drawing

Step 9

Let’s add a few shadows with the help of short strokes. Now with the help of long and straight lines add the effect of ultrafast running.

how to draw quicksilver

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