How to Draw a Wine Glass

How to draw a wine glass

Hello everybody! It’s with a new drawing tutorial in which we will tell you how to draw a wine glass. Notice that It would pretty simple drawing lesson.

This is a very sophisticated and elegant object. To draw it nicely, you should try to do everything as correctly. There are many different types of glasses. For example, we took a classic wine glass, which everyone has. Let’s start the tutorial and learn to draw wine glass!

Step 1

First things first draw an oval which is located on top of a sheet of paper. You should get a figure that will be similar to the egg. You should draw this figure very smooth and neat.

how to draw a wineglass step by step

Step 2

Ok. Now we can draw a vertical line extending from the center of the underside of the oval. At the end of the line we draw horizontally flattened oval, as in our sample.

wineglass drawing

Step 3

It’s time to delineate the contours of the stem of the glass. It should be elegant. In the upper part of the oval draw ellipse.

wine glass drawing pencil

Step 4

It is the most easy action. Just delete the guidelines, make smooth all the lines. After that actions you will get something like this:

how to draw a wineglass

Step 5

At the final stage add some shadows and highlights to the wine glass. As we have said, to find any inaccuracies, look at him through the mirror. If in the end you get the same figure as in our example, you have done everything correctly.

How to draw a wine glass

It was tutorial about how to draw a wine glass. We hope you liked this post. Also, we hope that it was very simple and informative. If you could not draw a picture as in our example, don’t worry. You just need more practice. Draw, remove with an eraser failed drawings and draw again until you learn to draw perfectly. Subscribe to us on social networks and stay tuned. Goodbye!

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  1. Samantha

    Do you do step by step in coloured pencils please

    • admin

      In the future we plan to create tutorials with coloured pencils. But at the moment we have a huge number of unpublished drawing lessons with black pencils. So, stay tuned.

  2. Some guy

    What the flip dude?! That drawing is so rubbish and I want a better drawing so Get BETTER BRO

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