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How to Draw a Tourist

How to draw a tourist

So today we will tell you about how to draw a tourist. This is one of the typical lessons that are perfect for practicing the skills of drawing proportions of a person.

Step 1

We have a character with a rather unusual pose. Let’s outline a stickman who will help emphasize the characteristics of the pose, as well as the basic proportions and position of the character on a piece of paper.  By the way, we created a cool guide on human proportions. Be sure to read this guide before drawing a stickman.

Our character bent his arms at the elbow joints and tilted his head. This is a typical posture for someone who reads something from the screen of a gadget or newspaper.

How to draw a tourist easy

Step 2

In the previous step, we outlined three rounded shapes – the head, chest, and pelvis. Now we will connect these figures to get the contours of an anatomically correct body. First, we connect the head and chest with a truncated cylinder. So we get the neck at the time of tilting the head. Secondly, we will connect the chest and pelvis with a pair of elegant lines. These are the contours of the abdomen.

At the end of this step, we outline two intersecting lines on the face to indicate the location of the eyes, nose, and mouth.

How to draw

Step 3

In this step, we will perform similar actions. But now we will work with the limbs of our character. To outline the contours of the arms and legs, we need to use cylinders with smooth bends in the distal direction. Large joints look like balls between cylinders. Avoid too wide shapes and too strong bends.

The hands and feet look like small polygons. You can draw any item in the hands of your character. For example, it can be a city map or a gadget.

Drawing tutorial

Step 4

So we have finished working with the contours of the body. Now we can draw our tourist’s clothes. You can choose any clothes to your taste. If you want to make the appearance of a tourist as in our sample, you should outline the contours of long shorts and shirts. Pay attention to the ratio of fabric and lines of limbs.

Also in this step, we outline the contours of the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Be sure to check out our guide on the proportions of the human head before working with facial features. This will make your drawing better.

Tourist art

Step 5

So we continue the guide on how to draw a tourist. In this step, we will draw the final version of the facial features of our character. As you can see, in our drawing there is no thorough detailing. Correctly arranged short strokes will perfectly show the character’s pose and mood.

How to draw a human

Step 6

We are already at the finish line. In this step, we will remove the extra guidelines from our character’s hands. Before that, we form the contours of the hands and accessories – in our case, it is a wristwatch.

When drawing fingers, pay attention to the size and shape of the fingers, as well as the location of each finger relative to the others. Check out our special tutorial on how to draw hands to make this step even easier.

Drawing tourist

Step 7

Erase excess lines from the legs of our character. Draw sandals and shorts. You can choose other shoes – for example, sneakers or gym shoes. In any case, try not to forget about small details, such as folds on the fabric of shorts, pockets, and belts on sandals.

Tourist drawing tutorial

Step 8

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Let’s add some shadows to make the final finished drawing. In our case, we see shadows in a very simplified style – that is, sections of small single-layer hatching.

You can make this task easier if you first outline the contours of the shaded areas and then cover them with a single-layer shading. By the way, you can practice creating complex shadows if you look into our lesson about light and shadow in academic drawing.

How to draw a touristWe hope this guide was really helpful for you. Do not forget to leave your comments under this guide and in our social networks. We are really looking forward to your feedback!

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