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How to Draw a Space Marine

Space Marine drawing

It’s time to draw the most recognizable warrior from  Warhammer 40,000. Of course we mean Space Marine also known as The Adeptus Astartes.We have already drawn Capellan. But of course our mini pack of Warhammer 40,000 would really be incomplete without ordinary Space Marine. So let’s start this drawing tutorial about how to draw a Space Marine right now!


Step 1

Our Space Marine has a very wide and powerful corpus and we will try to depict it. Sketch out the contours of the head and a line of a backbone. On this line we sketch out a wide chest and pelvis. With the help of simple lines, we sketch out the arms and legs. The lines on the first steps should be very light so that in the future we could erase them.

How to draw a Space Marine


Step 2

Now we will add some flesh to the body to get a volumetric shape instead of stikmen. First, outline two crossing lines on the head. After that sketch out the neck and wide corpus of our warrior. Using simple geomentric figures, sketch out the arms and legs. Recall that the body must be very wide and powerful.

How to sketch a Space Marine


Step 3

In this drawing tutorial we have a charater that armored from helmet to the boots, and in this step we will draw the contours of this armor. Starting from the head, we will outline a helmet with little horizontal eyes. Then go to the corpus, outlining armor with ordinary light lines. In the hands we sketch out the gun as you can see in our example.

Learn how to draw a Space Marine step by step


Step 4

We always liked Space Marine’s helmets. This helmet is a bit like a Scorpion mask from Mortal Kombat – we mean the part that covers the mouth. So we draw just such a part of the mask in the mouth area and and also we draw a skull icon located on the forehead.

How to draw a Space Marine from Warhammer 40000


Step 5

In this step we will draw armor on the the body. We draw a smooth rim projected on the lower margin of chest. Don’t forget about skull with wings – it is located over this thorax line. After that we erase all extra lines from previous steps to make our drawing more clean and neat.

How to draw Warhammer


Step 6

Now we draw the details of the arms. We do not have to draw the articulations and muscles but we will draw the outlines of massive shoulder pads, spikes, and armor that protected shoulders, forearms and palms. And, of course, we have to draw details of the palms and Space Marine’s gun.

How to draw a Space Marine from Warhammer


Step 7

We can move on to the lower part of the body. By the same way as in the previous step, we draw the legs and massive armor boots. Note that the lines should not be very smooth. Do not forget to draw the sign of skull that located on the belt. All parts must be large and rounded. The legs of our Space Marine should be similar to the feet of a stereotypical robot.

Space Marine drawing tutorial


Step 8

So, this drawing tutorial is almost finished, and we only need to add some shadows. As in other lessons, the first thing we do is determine the source of light. Further, taking this into account, draw hatching of different intensity in areas with the least illumination. In the final of this action you will get Space Marine like this:

How to draw a Space Marine

Today we learned to draw Space Marine and this lesson is finished. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Stay tuned and wait for new tutorials. Goodbye!

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  1. Hello, I really enjoyed the sketching process and would like to go one step further and color it. Do you know what color palette I would need or have any links to that end of in. Thx, Pat Scaia.

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