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How to Draw a Space Marine Chaplain

How to draw Chaplain from Warhammer

We continue the theme of Warhammer 40 000. Probably you can not imagine the Warhammer without Space Marines. As we are. So we decided to create this drawing tutorial about how to draw a Space Marine Chaplain.


Step 1

First of all, we need to sketch out the the skeleton of our warrior. As you can see, it is pretty wide. This figure have no neck. And one more feature of this stickman is a very wide chest. So, we outline a round head and the line of the spine, on which we outline a wide chest and a wide pelvis. Sketch out arms and legs, as shown in the example below.

Chaplain from Warhammer drawing


Step 2

So we have a stickman and now we can draw two crossing lines on the face of Space Marine Chaplain, which will help us further outline the details of the helmet (skull). Next, the outline of very wide and massive body, which nevertheless has a noticeable narrowing from the chest to the belt. After that you can draw the arms and legs, which must be sketched with wide geometric shapes.

How to draw Chaplain from Warhammer


Step 3

In this step we will draw the outlines of the armor and weapons of our Chaplain. As you can see in our picture we also draw helmet features. Don’t forget that all lines of the first, second and third steps should be very light.

Learn how to draw Chaplain from Warhammer


Step 4

In this step we will draw the front part of the helmet which looks like a skull and a part of the armor which covers the neck. While drawing the details of the skull, you should not lose its bent position, which we drew in the first step. In the end of this step you can eraser and remove all unnecessary guidelines from the face.

How to draw Chaplain


Step 5

In this step we will draw armor that protect the body. We draw a smooth rim projected on the lower margin of the thorax. Don’t forget about skull with wings – it is located over this thorax line. And of course in this step you should draw a massive belt decorated with skulls

How to draw Chaplain from Warhammer step by step


Step 6

In the last step we worked with the details of the body. Now we will draw the details of the arms. We do not have to draw the joints and muscles because they are covered with armor. But we have to draw fists. And with this task we will help a special post about how to draw fists and palms.

Chaplain from Warhammer drawing lesson


Step 7

Now let’s move on to the lower part of the body. By the same method as in the previous step, we draw the legs, which are look like legs of the giant robot. Note thath the lines should not be too smooth.

Chaplain from Warhammer drawing tutorial


Step 8

So Space Marine Chaplain drawing is practically finished. We have only to add some shadows. This action will make our warrior more realistic. Paint out the eye sockets. Using hatching add shadows in areas where the shadow does not fall. Also, with the help of crossing lines draw out the texture of the chain mail.

How to draw Chaplain from Warhammer

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