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How to Draw a Sloth

how to draw a slothHello everyone! We have a habit of doing drawing lessons about very strange animals, and today’s drawing lesson is no exception. And as you can see today we made a drawing tutorial about how to draw a sloth step by step.

Step 1

So, first of all we sketch a small head and torso of the beast. Then sketch out a branch and with the help of long hook-shaped limbs hang our sloth on this branch.

how to draw a sloth

Step 2

Thicken the paws and neck: it is long but not thin. Sketch out the lines of face of our sloth that looks at us and move to the next step.

sloth drawing tutorial

Step 3

We continue the drawing lesson about how to draw a sloth. Here we will need to outline some details. Using the lines of the facial features sketch out the eyes, nose and mouth. Sketch out the claws and texture of fur.

learn to draw a sloth

Step 4

Erase all unnecessary guidelines. Carefully draw all the details. Make the contours of our sloth more fluffy and draw fingers with long claws. At the end of this step, we draw out the texture of the tree.

sloth drawing

Step 5

The last step remains, in which by tradition we add shadows. And as always to draw shadows we will use classic hatching.

how to draw a sloth

It was much easier than it seems. If you liked this drawing lesson, then most likely you will like our drawing lessons about opossum, muskrat and others from the “Animals” section.

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  1. My friend asked for this drawing so I sent her the link. I’m gonna try to draw this, too, because it looks SO CUTE

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