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How to Draw a Cookie

How to draw a cookie

Our site has a large number of complex and simple drawing lessons, and the tutorial about how to draw a cookie belongs to the second category. Some of our readers constantly ask us to create more drawing lessons about superheroes, while others ask us more often to show how to draw everyday things. And if you look at our category called comics, and the categories where we draw more everyday things, then you will see that we basically keep the balance. So let’s start the process of drawing a cookie.


Step 1

As already mentioned at the very beginning of the drawing lesson, cookies are a very simple subject for drawing. But even such simple objects as cookies should begin with even more simple geometric shapes. We start to draw a cookie with a simple flat oval using very light lines.

Cookie drawing tutorial

Step 2

In the first step we outlined an oval, which is not very similar to a drawing of a cookie, and now we will correct this situation by adding pieces of chocolate. With the help of short and light lines, mark these pieces that should be placed in the most random order so that your cookie do not look too artificial.

How to draw a cookie for beginners

Step 3

It is time to give our cookie drawing a complete look. To do this, trace the outlines of the sweet treat using clear, but not too smooth lines. Next, trace the chocolate pieces and draw small cracks using twisting lines. Complete the third step with an eraser, removing all unnecessary guidelines from the drawing.

How to draw a cookie easy

Step 4

A few neat shadows will help your cookie drawing look the most beautiful and voluminous. Do not forget the shadows on the pieces of chocolate and the cast shadow on the surface. In addition, you can of course color your pastry drawing. Use for this different tones of brown.

How to draw a cookie

In view of the fact that this lesson did not contain too complex actions and wise details in its depth, the team of Drawingforall.net assumes that you have not encountered serious difficulties in the process of drawing a cookie. But sometimes for one of us, even seeming at first glance simple things turn out to be very difficult for others. That is why we always ask you to write your opinion about our articles. So let us know if you have encountered any difficulties in drawing a cookie.


  1. I am taking a 1000 level art class and having to draw a “surreal” picture. I drew this cookie and added a Salvador Dali type mustache to make a sun. I also used your forks as trees and your muffin and doughnut for shrubs. I like (and appreciate) your step by step tutorials…I like to doodle, but I am not an artist. These are easy to follow and understand. Thanks!

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