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How to Draw an Opossum

How to Draw an Opossum

Hello, dear artists. In the this drawing lesson we will show you how to draw an opossum – a pretty strange animal with pretty strange face.

Step 1

So, at first sketch out the branch, on which our opossum will seat. After that sketch out the opossum itself, using ovals for head and body and lines for the limbs and tail.

How to Draw an Opossum

Step 2

Let’s add some volume to the body of our possum. Sketch out the muzzle, ears and eyes. Then connect the ovals and make limbs and tail thicker.

possum images

Step 3

Let’s work with the head of our opossum. Draw out the eyes, nose, mouth and ear. Draw the whiskers using slightly curved lines. Give the contours of the body fur texture using short strokes.

leant to draw a possums

Step 4

It is the easiest step of the tutorial about how to draw an opossum step by step. Here we just need to erase all unnecessary guidelines from the body of our strange animal.

Opossum drawing

Step 5

So we reach the last step of this drawing tutorial. And as in all last steps on our site here we draw shadows. Add hatching to the body of opossum and to the branch as in our example.

How to Draw an Opossum

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