How to Draw a Muskrat

How to Draw a Muskrat

Hello, dear artist. DrawingForAll made for you a new drawing tutorial about how to draw a muskrat step by step. This rodent is actually very similar to a rat, but bigger and heavier.


Step 1

So grab a pencil and sketch out the head and torso using two circles. Using simple lines sketch out the limbs and tail. In the first steps we need to use very light lines.

How to Draw a Muskrat step by step

Step 2

Sketch out the elongated muzzle and ears of our muskrat. Using short line sketch out the eye. Add some volume to the limbs and tail.

learn How to Draw a Muskrat

Step 3

Using very short lines draw the fur as in our example. Note that the tail of the muskrat is not covered with fur. Draw out the details, such as the claws, nose and eye.

How to Draw a Muskrat step by step with a pencil

Step 4

Continue the drawing lesson about how to draw a muskrat step by step. Here we need to erase all guidelines, that we drew in the first and second steps and make the lines more finished.

Muskrat drawing

Step 5

Now with the help of hatching make the drawing more voluminous. If we imagine that light falls on the muskrat from above, then we will add shadows to the bottom. A little patience and the drawing is ready.

How to Draw a Muskrat

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