How to Draw a Periophthalmus

How to draw a periophthalmus

If you have already visited the category “Animals” on our site, then perhaps you already saw that we drew incredibly strange animals, such as a nasua or a muskrat. But today’s animal will probably be the strangest on our website. So, meet the lesson about how to draw a periophthalmus.


Step 1

Draw a long oval of irregular shape – this is the body of our fish. Next, outline the fins.

How to draw a periophthalmus

Step 2

On the top draw two convex eyes. Now draw a froggy mouth, tail and make the fins thicker.

How to sketch a periophthalmus step by step

Step 3

Using clear lines draw out the entire body of our strange fish. Remove the auxiliary lines. Draw lines on the fins.

How to sketch a periophthalmus

Step 4

Let’s start adding shadows by hatching. Hatches should be thin and neat, sometimes the hatches need to be replaced with dots.

How to draw a periophthalmus

Today we drew a very strange animal. Do you want to learn drawing other animals? If so, then proceed to the category “Animals” on our website. There is a huge number of strange and usual animals, which you can learn how to draw.

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