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How to Draw a Nasua

how to draw a Nasua

Hello dear readers! Do you know what is a nasua? This is a small animal that is very similar to a raccoon. So, fewer words and more actions, let’s begin the lesson on how to draw a nasua.

Step 1

First, we sketch the head in the form of a circle. Then  sketch out the torso with two ovals. With the help of simple lines draw the paws, neck, spine and long tail.


how to draw a Nasua

Step 2

Now connect all with light and simple lines. Then sketch out a long nose and thicken the paws and tail.

Nasua drawing tutorial

Step 3

So, let’s get down to the details and start with the head. Remove all unnecessary lines and draw a long muzzle, eyes and ear of our nasua.

learn how to draw a Nasua step by step

Step 4

Continue the line of the head that goes to the body and then to the tail. Note that the body lines should be fluffy.

learn to draw a Nasua

Step 5

Now take an eraser and remove all the remaining unnecessary lines from the body of our animal and draw the fluffy paws.

Nasua drawing

Step 6

We start hatching and move from left to right, which will make our drawing more voluminous. As a result we will get such a cunning and very nice beast.

how to draw a Nasua

The lesson about how to draw a nosua came to an end. If you liked this strange animal, visit the lessons about octopus and muskox.

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