How to Draw a McLaren 570s

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How to draw a McLaren 570s

If you often visit our site, then perhaps you already know that we are very fond of cars of the brand McLaren. On our site there are already a lot of lessons about the most different models of McLaren. Today this series will be enlarged with a lesson about how to draw a McLaren 570s.


Step 1

The process of drawing begins with the main outlines of the body. With the help of long, smooth and light lines, we need to draw the contours of the McLaren body, as shown in our example. Do not press too much on the pencil so that in the future it would be easy for us to erase these lines.

How to draw a McLaren 570s

Step 2

We continue to use light lines. In this step we will add the most basic deatails on the body of our car. Let’s start from the front, sketching the outlines of the headlights. Next, go to the side of the car, sketching the outlines of the rear-view mirrors and large sports wheels.

How to draw a sports car

Step 3

We continue to add the most noticeable details on the car’s body. In front of car we sketch out the complex bumper outlines. Further draw the outlines of the front and side windows. Draw lines on the side of the body and sketch out the outlines of the rims on wheels.

How to draw a McLaren 570s insurance

Step 4

In the previous steps, we used very light lines, and starting with this step we will use darker lines. With the help of such lines, carefully draw out the front part, bumper, hood (or bonnet, if you live in Great Britain) and large and smooth headlights.

How to draw a McLaren 570s step by step

Step 5

Continuing the smooth lines of the front, we draw out the outlines of the flat and smooth roof of our McLaren. In the same step, draw out the outlines of windows and rear-view mirrors.

Learn how to draw a McLaren 570s

Step 6

Continuing the smooth lines of the roof draw out the back of our car. In the same step, carefully draw out the decorative lines on the side and the door line. Do not forget to remove all unnecessary guidelines drawn by us in the first three steps.

How to sketch a McLaren 570s

Step 7

One of the most difficult steps of our lesson abou how to draw a McLaren 570s. With the help of smooth lines here we need to draw out the round wheels and rims. You can draw the rils like in our example, or come up with your own design.

McLaren 570s drawing tutorial

Step 8

It remains only to make our McLaren 570s drawing more realistic and voluminous. To do this, we add shadows using hatching. Draw a dense shading for dark areas, and less dense for light areas of shadows. On the glasses and the body also draw some glare with the help of light and long strokes.

How to draw a McLaren 570s

It is not difficult to draw cars, but it is difficult to draw cars so that they look realistic. On our site, we are trying to show you how to draw a variety of car models as a true professional artist.

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