How to Draw a Pencil

How to draw a pencil

Hello, dear artists. Time does not stand still and with each passing year new methods of drawing appear. People can now draw with a stylus, finger and even with hands in the air with the help of tools for virtual reality. But today we want to show the drawing tool that will never go out of style. So, let’s start a lesson about how to draw a pencil.


Step 1

The first thing we do is draw a long rectangle using clear and straight lines. It is the main outlines of the body of our pencil.

How to draw a pencil

Step 2

Sketch out the wood of our pencil in the form of a triangle. On the reverse side draw the ferrule and eraser.

Learn to draw a pencil easy

Step 3

On the body of the pencil draw two long lines. On the ferrule draw short longitudinal lines.

How to draw a pencil step by step

Step 4

At the very tip of the pencil draw the black lead. Using light hatching draw shadows.

How to draw a pencil

Perhaps the lesson about how to draw a pencil is one of the most important on our website. Despite the appearance of tablets and computers, the pencil is still the most common drawing tool, and we hope that this will never change.
Among other things, this lesson is quite symbolic for us, because pencil is not only the tool with which we create all our lessons, it is also the main part of the logo of our site.

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