How to Draw a Man for Kids

How to Draw a Man for Kids

Hello, young artists! Today we will show you how to draw cartoons step by step, more precisely how to draw a cartoon man for kids.

 We have tried to make this tutorial so that everybody  could learn how to draw a man. We have divided this tutorial into several very simple steps. So, let’s start the tutorial, and learn how to draw a man for kids!


Step 1

First things first draw an oval, as a guide for the head. Use smooth and light lines for the first steps.

How to Draw a Man for Kids


Step 2

Using a cylinder draw the neck and using a rectangle draw the torso.

how to draw a cartoon character


Step 3

Using cylinders draw the hands and legs. Note that you can select any position you want. Using circles draw elbows and knees.

drawing tutorials for kids


Step 4

Draw the lines of facial symmetry, that are intersecting at the center. The vertical line will help us to find the center of the face, and the horizontal line will help us to draw the eyes.

teaching art to kids


Step 5

Start to draw the face. Using the horizontal line from the previous step draw the eyes. Just above the eyes draw the eyebrows. All people have different facial features, and you can draw other facial features, not as we do.

how to draw a cartoon face


Step 6

Continue to draw the man for kids. Note, the upper tip of the ear is in the same plane as the eyebrows. And the lower part is in the same plane as the tip of the nose. Using curved lines draw hair. As in the previous steps, you can select any haircut you want.

learning to draw cartoons


Step 7

Erase the guidelines from the previous steps. Make the lines of the head smooth and clean. Draw the lines in the ears.

art pictures for kids


Step 7

Add some details to our cartoon man. Draw the outlines of the shirt, pants and shoes. Draw fingers.

how to draw a cartoon man


Step 8

Erase all the remaining guidelines. Darken and smoothen the lines, make them clean. Add some details to the body and clothes.

How to Draw a Man for Kids


In this tutorial, we showed you the basic principles of drawing a man. Using this tutorial you will be able to draw any man. As we said above, you can draw any kind of facial features and clothing.

cartoon characters


It was the drawing lesson about how to draw a man for kids. We hope this tutorial was interesting and informative for you. If you like this lesson, visit our drawing lessons about how to draw a cartoon cat or how to draw minions. Goodbye!


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