How to Draw a Mushroom

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mushroom drawing

Hello everybody! Today we have prepared for you a new drawing tutorial, in which we will learn to draw mushrooms. It is one of the most mysterious and the oldest beings that inhabit our earth. Mushrooms are of various kinds. But almost  all have the same structure. So, using this tutorial you can draw any kind of mushrooms. Let’s start this tutorial and find out how to draw a mushroom!

Step 1

First draw three flattened ovals, which later become the mushroom caps.

how to draw a mushroom

Step 2

Now sketch the shapes of the stems.

how to draw a mushroom step by step

Step 3

Add the upper parts of the caps. Add details to the stems. Draw the rings to the lower parts of the stems.

how to draw mushrooms

Step 4

Draw dots on the mushroom caps and start drawing gills under the caps. Draw them by using the lines emanating from the center to the edges. Sketch rings on the middle part of the stems.

drawing mushrooms

Step 5

In this step add more gills. Make the lines as close as possible to each other. Erase all unnecessary lines and add some grass. Our mushrooms are almost ready.

mushrooms pencile drawings

Step 6

At this step add the shadows. First paint out the caps. Then hatch the lower parts of the caps and one side of the stems. Drawing ready.

mushroom drawing

It was tutorial on how to draw mushrooms step by step. We hope you really enjoyed this tutorial. Come to our site more often and wait for new drawing tutorials.

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  1. hi

    that was So ard but this was the best thing EVER

  2. Itz bidemi

    That was a good lesson but it’s ard.Thanks

  3. Amber

    I just stared this and it is so hard! But I know I can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much for posting this hard mushroom, I’m not giving UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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