How to Draw a Christmas Ornament

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How to draw a christmas toy

The team of likes holidays very much, especially Christmas, so we have created a lot of drawing tutorials related to this wonderful holiday.
Today, as you noticed, we decided to continue this theme and made a lesson on how to draw a Christmas ornament.


Step 1

As you can see we will draw the most common Christmas ornament – a ball. So first we will need to draw a smooth circle. Do not rush, try to draw this circle as accurately as possible if you want your Christmas ornament drawing to be beautiful.

How to draw a christmas toy

Step 2

In the upper part of the ornament we draw such a flat cylinder, that looks like a puck. All lines in this stage should be done with fairly light lines.

Learn how to draw a christmas toy

Step 3

A very simple step in which we will need to draw a ring and thread, using a slightly curved black line. In this step, you can add some patterns to the surface of the ball.

How to draw a christmas tree toy

Step 4

Add some glare to the surface of the ball using light strokes. Next, draw shadows using dense hatching. If you did everything right, then your Christmas ornament drawing will look something like this.

How to draw a christmas toy

It was a lesson about how to draw a Christmas ornament. The team of thinks that this tutorial was simple enough. The whole lesson essentially consisted of elementary geometric figures and the only difficult point here was the process of applying shadows. contains a huge number of very different drawing instructions about this and other cool holidays. If you want to become a true professional in drawing everything in the world, then be sure to subscribe to us on social networks and share this and our other drawing lessons with your friends and those who want to become a real artist.

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