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How to Draw Chibi John Cena

How to draw chibi John Cena

Today we will talk about how to draw Chibi. And we will show you how to draw Chibi John Cena with this seven step drawing guide.


Step 1

Let’s talk a little about the rules of drawing Chibi. The first thing you need to know is that the proportions of chibi characters are very different from the proportions of the ordinary anime or comics characters.

So, we are sketching John Cena’s round head as you can see in our example. Next, draw two crossing lines on the face. These lines will help us draw the eyes.

How to draw Chibi John Cena


Step 2

And another rule: chibi persons have a very small body and very small arms and legs. So we are sketching out a torso and arms/legs with the correct chibi ratio. Don’t forget that the chibi body is about the same height as the head.

Learn to draw chibi John Cena


Step 3

So we continue the lesson in which we tell you how to draw Chibi John Cena. Using light lines sketch out the cap and eyes on the head. Then draw out the contours of the shorts.

How to draw chibi wrestler


Step 4

In this step we will draw large expressive eyes of the invincible wrestler. To make your drawing of chibi John Cena look more natural, paint his eyes with hatching, leaving a bit of glare in the eyes. We will also draw a mouth (this is just a sloping line) and erase the extra guiding lines from the face.

Chibi John Cena art


Step 5

Now we will draw the cap and very famous John Cena’s logo, which is located on the cap. If you like wrestling (and you probably like it, since you are reading this article about how to draw chibi John Cena), then you know that this logo means “you don’t see me”

How to draw chibi John Cena step by step


Step 6

Now is the time to draw a T-shirt and hands. We have a very easy task because we do not need to draw palms and fingers. Circle the outlines drawn earlier and remove unnecessary lines from the entire top of the chibi John Sina drawing.

Chibi John Cena drawing tutorial


Step 7

Draw all the details of the shorts and remove all unnecessary guidelines from your cute chibi John Cena drawing. You can leave your chibi wrestler design like this, or paint it and add some shadows with the help of hatching.

How to draw chibi John Cena

And in the epilogue of the article, the traditional advice and tips from the artists of Drawingforall.net, this time relating to this cute chibi style sketching.

Chibi are drawn in different styles and genres, however, in spite of this, they have the main distinctive features:

  • Chibi’s head is much larger relative to the body, it is 1/3 or 1/2 of the height.
  • Persons in chibi style are oversimplified.
  • To convey a young age and charm, chibi’s persons are drawn with a plump body.

Now you know how to draw chibi John Cena. Using the knowledge gained from this small sketching instruction you are able to portray a chibi wrestler from other eras and other federations.


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