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How to Draw a Microphone

How to draw a microphone

The age of high technology gave us a huge number of different electronic devices that are aimed at improving our daily life. Some devices (for example, gaming consoles) entertain us and lie in almost every home, other inventions (for example, robots) are still rare, and are designed to make our lives easier. One of these devices is a microphone, a drawing lesson about which you are reading at the moment. There are so many varieties of microphones in the world, but we decided to draw one of the most standard types. So, let’s scroll down this page and proceed to the lesson on how to draw a microphone.


Step 1

Any drawing begins with simple details, and our microphone drawing is no exception. Sketch the working surface of the microphone in the form of a simple circle, and the handle in the form of a long and slightly tapering rectangle. This is a fairly standard shape, typical of most microphones.

How to draw a microphone for beginners

Step 2

The extremely simple step of this lesson about how to draw a microphone. Here you just have to erase an unnecessary line in the upper part and draw several short lines as in the drawing below. By the way, you can also add a few buttons, lights and switches.

How to sketch a microphone easy

Step 3

Not very difficult, but rather painstaking step. We start it by drawing a strip in the middle of the round working surface of the microphone. Next, draw the texture with simple intersecting lines. You can make the grill texture larger or smaller.

Microphone drawing tutorial

Step 4

In order for our microphone drawing to look more realistic, volumetric and natural, we need to draw shadows. If we assume that the light falls from above, then we need to draw shadows on the bottom side of the microphone. The shadows in such a drawing are not difficult to make, you just need to apply dense and uniform hatching as in our mic drawing below.

How to draw a microphone

In this lesson on how to draw a microphone, we wanted to keep it simple, and we think we did it. As we already said in our other lessons, such drawings are very important, because with the help of them you learn to draw simple objects, which raises your level of mastery in drawing. To keep your level of skill in drawing growing constantly, subscribe to us on social networks and visit us as often as possible, because we release new drawing lessons almost every day.


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