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How to Draw Snoop Dogg

So we continue drawing guides about famous people from the world of hip hop. And today we will show you how to draw Snoop Dogg. It will be a difficult drawing tutorial like all other posts from the real-life category. But if you follow our steps carefully, you will get excellent results.

Step 1

Snoop Dogg in our lesson stands in a static pose, so it will be easy for us to draw his skeleton (we call it “the stickman”). Thus, we sketch out the head in the form of an oval, then we draw the spine line on which the chest and pelvis are located. After that we sketch out the arms and legs. Recall that the length of the body of an ordinary adult man is approximately equal to the length of 7-8 heads.

Learn How to Draw Snoop Dogg

Step 2

In this step we sketch out the lines of the facial features. After that we sketch out the neck in the shape of a cylinder. Draw the body which little narrows from the shoulders to the pelvis. Then add volume to the arms and legs with the help of simple cylindrical shapes.

How to Draw Snoop Dogg step by step

Step 3

So it is the time to outline the most basic details. Here we will use two intersecting lines of the face, with the help of which we will sketch out the outlines of the face. After that, we sketch out a famous hip hop headband. We move a little lower and sketch out the outlines of traditional hip hop clothes.

Step 4

Draw the eyes and brows that slightly inclined to the nose. After that we draw a nose and lips. Use clear and dark lines starting with this step. Carefully form the contours of the head, cheekbones and jaw. Draw out the ears and the thin beard.

Step 5

In this step we will draw the final outlines of the neck area. Then we carefully draw the contours of the hood and collar area. There are a lot of folds in the hood. We can also see a couple of lines that fit the neck muscles.

Step 6

Quite a difficult step in which we need to draw out the arms. So, first draw the outlines of the sleeves, taking into account all the necessary folds. Next, we draw out the hand. We can not see the other hand, because of the angle. This is really good luck because it’s very hard to draw the hands. By the way, read this article about drawing fists and palms.

Step 7

In this step we draw pants and sneakers. Pants should be wide. But it should have a slight narrowing towards the feet. Pay attention to the folds on the fabric of the pants. The folds are located in the lower third of the pants. It looks like smooth oblique and straight lines.

Step 8

Snoop Dogg is almost drawn, but it doesn’t look quite realistic. To make it more voluminous, let’s add some shadows. As in previous lessons in this category, we first determine the source of the light. After that we outline the shadows with the help of dense hatching.

It was quite difficult. Wasn’t it? If your drawing did not come out as you expected, you should write about it in the comments. And the next lesson will be more simple and understandable.

Recall that we have already created a lot of lessons in which we teach how to to draw different people. The bottom line is that all these lessons are quite similar to each other, and the main differences are in such details as the face, proportions and clothing. The most basic principles remain the same, so feel free to use the knowledge gained in this lesson to draw any other character.

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