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How to Draw Biggie Smalls

Biggie Smalls drawing

In this post we will try to draw another legend from the rap world. As you can see, we are talking about the legendary Notorious B.I.G. He is also known as Biggie Smalls. We just recently created a lesson on how to draw 2Pac. And we could not draw another legendary rapper. So let’s start this lesson to learn how to draw Biggie Smalls.

Step 1

First, we need to work on stickman. We have stickman of large tall men with a wide thorax. So, we outline a round head and the spinal column. On this line we outline a wide powerful chest and a wide pelvis. Sketch out arms and legs as you can see in our sample.

How to draw Biggie Smalls

Step 2

To draw The Notorious B.I.G. correctly, now we must add some volume to the stickman. First of all we sketch out pretty large torso. After that we draw a neck that looks like a short cylinder. Next we outline pretty wide arms and legs. And don’t forget to draw two crossing lines on the face. It will be a great guide for drawing facial features.

How to draw Biggie Smalls rapper

Step 3

Let’s draw the contours of the most basic details with very light lines. First, we delineate the details of the face and hat. Next, we outline costume lines. You can see a wide jacket and spacious wide pants. It is very important that the lines on the first steps be made very light so that they can be erased in the future. Use body contours as a guide. Please note that the clothes should look very big.

How to draw a rapper step by step

Step 4

We start working with final contours from this step. Note that the final details of the drawing must be made with clear and dark lines. So, we will delicately trace the outlines of the eyes, nose and tight lips. Next, draw gloomy eyebrows and some wrinkles. We finish the step by drawing the final contours of the hat.

How to draw a rapper

Step 5

We continue the drawing tutorial about how to draw Biggie Smalls. In this step we will work with the details of the body. Carefully draw out the contours of the shirt, jacket and tie. Draw the folds with the help of short lines.

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Step 6

Separately, we will draw a warm jacket, which is located in the rest of the clothes. Here we need to depict a collar and several longitudinal folds on the fabric of the sleeves.

How to draw Biggie Smalls step by step

Step 7

In this step we erase the extra lines from the pants. We draw arrows on the pants and several folds on the fabric. These folds are located on the medial areas of the knee and close to the feet. And now let’s go to the last step and finish Biggie Smalls drawing.

Biggie Smalls drawing tutorial

Step 8

The Biggie Smalls drawing is almost complete, and we need only to draw some shadows. Using light wide hatching, we add the shadows in areas where the light does not fall. To make the shadows darker, add another layer of hatching. You can also diversify your Biggie Smalls drawing, you can change his clothes or draw a crown on the head.

How to draw Biggie Smalls


We hope that there are many fans of rap among you, dear readers. We created this lesson about how to draw Biggie Smalls specially for you. We hope you have a great drawing. We conclude this article and express great respect for Biggie Smalls and his fans. His works are truly immortal.


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