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How to Draw a Leshy

How to draw a leshy

Myths and legends of the East Slavic peoples are very unusual and interesting, and in them there are creatures that combine Western and Eastern motifs. On our site there are many drawing lessons about the most different characters from the Russian legends, among them Koschei the Immortal and Baba Yaga. Today we will continue this topic in the lesson on how to draw a leshy – spirit-master of the forest in the mythology of Russia and other Eastern Slavs.


Step 1

We start with the skeleton, drawing it with simple and very light lines. First we sketch out the head, then the line of the spine with the thorax and the pelvis. Next sketch the arms and legs and go to step number two.

How to draw a leshy

Step 2

Sketch out the lines on the head as in our example. Next, add the volume to the neck and torso of the leshy. With the help of simple geometric figures, we draw arms and legs. Sketch out a long ax in the hand and a stone under the foot.

Learn to draw a leshy step by step

Step 3

Now we’ll take care of the details, and as always, start with the head. Using light lines drawn in the second step, we draw out the eyes, nose and mouth. Carefully draw out the shape of the mustache and teeth.

How to draw a leshy step by step

Step 4

Using long and twisting lines, carefully draw out the outlines of a long beard, mustache and hair. In the same step, we outline the contours of the bald head and ear.

How to draw a creature from russian legends

Step 5

According to the representations of the inhabitants of the East Slavic lands, the leshi is an old man. Therefore, here we need to depict the shape of an elderly, but sporty enough torso.

How to draw a slavic legends

Step 6

As we said, the body of leshy should be old enough but sporty. Carefully draw out the outlines of muscular arms and a long ax in his left hand. Do not forget to erase unnecessary guidelines.

How to draw a creature from russian folk

Step 7

With the help of torn lines draw out the loincloth and the outlines of the muscular legs of the leshy. On the legs, be sure to draw out the outlines of the muscles and knee joints. Also remove the remaining unnecessary guidelines.

How to draw a leshy step by step

Step 8

The drawing is almost complete, and we only need to add a few shadows in order to make our leshy more realistic. Draw the shadows using hatching of different density.

How to draw a leshy

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