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How to Draw a Beret

how to draw a beret

We have a lot of drawing tutorials about animals, comics characters, cars and electronics but very few tutorials about clothing items. This drawing lesson designed to correct this situation. So, how to draw a beret.

Step 1

To correctly draw a beret, at first we we need to sketch out the general outlines of this clothing item in a shape of an oval with flat bottom. The team of Drawingforall.net does not tire of reminding that the initial steps should be performed using very light lines.

how to draw a beret

Step 2

Let’s start giving realistic shape to our beret. First, formulate the characteristic outlines of the beret, as shown in the figure below. Then draw the bottom brim, which directly adjacent to the head. At this stage, your beret drawing should look something like this.

learn to draw a beret step by step

Step 3

Erase all unnecessary guidelines from the beret drawing and trace the necessary lines, making them sharp and clear. Draw a seam and add some folds. By the way, you can add some additional elements, such as a toorie or some kind of logo.

beret drawing

Step 4

What we usually do at the last steps of our tutorials? Yes, we draw shadows. And the lesson on how to draw a beret is no exception. Add hatches to the lower part of the beret as in our example. To achieve darker shadows, add a few more layers of hatching.

how to draw a beret

The team of Drawingforall.net thinks, that the tutorial on how to draw a beret was really simple. Now if you want to draw someone who can put on this beret, visit tutorials about Sonya Blade and artist. Also check out our social networks and share our tutorials with your friends. In our social networks (such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter) we constantly publish a lot of interesting and useful things. So be sure to subscribe to us to keep abreast of all our updates.

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