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How to Draw a Halberd

how to draw a halberd

Hello dear readers and welcome to the drawing tutorial about how to draw a halberd! Halberd is a polearm with mixed tip, consisting of a needle (round or faceted) spear point and a blade of a battle ax with a sharp butt. Was in the arsenal of infantry of a number of European countries from the XIII to the XVII century.


Step 1

So, first, draw a straight horizontal line for the pole as in our example.

How to draw a halberd

Step 2

Draw another line and connect it with the line from the previous step using sort lines to get the pole.

learn to draw a halberd

Step 3

As we said earlier, the tip of the halberds is combined. In this step, we draw the upper part with a sharp spike.

how to draw a halberd

Step 4

Draw the lower part of the halberd which looks like a battle axe.

halberd drawing

Step 5

Add glare to the tip with the help of short hatches and shadow using the usual hatching.

how to draw a halberd

Halberd is one of the most characteristic weapons of the Middle Ages, along with morning star, flail and two-handed greatsword.

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