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How to Draw a Grenade

how to draw a grenade

The team of Drawingforall.net in this step-by-step instruction will show you how to draw a grenade very easy and fast. Of course, we are against war and bad situations in life, but one way or another, weapons are a part of reality, and we, as artists, should be able to draw grenades and any other weapons. On Drawingforall.net there are already a lot of drawing lessons about weapons, but for the most part they are devoted to cold weapons (swords, katanas, axes, etc.) and therefore this article will be devoted to an explosive.


Step 1

Using light lines sketch out the main contours of the grenade in the form an oval with a flat top. By the way, to check the proportionality of the grenade sketch, bring it to the mirror, and you will see inaccuracies in the sketch.

how to draw a grenade

Step 2

Now sketch out the safety lever and pulling using smooth and light lines. Do not overdo it with the darkness of the lines, so that in the subsequent stages we can make the necessary changes.

how to draw ww2

Step 3

On the body of the grenade draw Intersecting lines, as in our example. To make the grenade look voluminous and rounded, you must make the cells in the middle larger than those at the edges.


Step 4

Using clear lines draw out the sections on the body of the grenade. It is very important to make all segments of the grenade most symmetrical, and to take into account the perspective, so do not rush and draw everything neatly.

how to draw a grenade

Step 5

Erase all unnecessary lines from the body of the grenade. Using clear lines draw out the ring and safety lever. If you did everything right, then your grenade drawing should look like this.

grenade drawing

Step 7

And in the last step of the art lesson on how to draw a grenade, it remains for us to add shadows with the help of usual hatching.

how to draw a grenade

This guide consisted of extremely simple steps and we hope that you have not encountered difficulties in this lesson. Important note – grenades come in all sorts of different types, so try drawing other varieties of this type of weapon. And in order not to miss a single new lesson about weapons or other items, then keep your way on our social networks to follow all the updates and learn to draw with the team of Drawingforall.net.


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