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How to Draw a Katana

how to draw a katana

Good day, dear readers! In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a katana. As you know Katana is a long Japanese sword with a slight bend and sharpened on one side. You probably have often seen katanas in hands of samurai and ninja.


Step 1

We start with a long curved line. It will be the upper edge of the katana.

how to draw a katana

Step 2

Now draw the lower edge of the katana using another curved line. Here one side must be acute and the other obtuse.

how to draw katana step by step

Step 3

Sketch out the guard (tsuba) and pommel (kashira). Now it looks like a katana.

learn to draw katana

Step 4

Now draw the wrap (tsuka-ito) on the grip (tsuka). Draw it using crossing lines.


Step 5

Next to the guard draw the collar of the blade (habaki) and grind ridge (shinogi).

katana drawing

Step 6

Paint the wrap and add some shadows using hatching and some glare using short lines.

how to draw a katana

Drawing tutorial on how to draw a katana step by step is finished. If you want to draw European weapon visit the lesson about a greatsword or shortsword.


  1. This helped me when I was suck in detention and bored they said i could draw so this really helped.

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