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How to Draw a Hippocampus

How to draw a hippocampus

In the ancient Greek myths there is a huge number of very different unusual creatures. Many of them are consisting of two different creatures, such as minotaurs and centaurs. If these two creatures are known to everyone, then such a creature as a hippocampus is not known by many. And as you understand, today we want to show you how to draw a hippocampus.


Step 1

Hippocampus is a creature with the body of a horse and the tail of a fish. First of all sketch out the head and torso in the shape of circles. Using simple lines, we sketch out the neck, legs and long curved tail.

How to draw a hippocampus

Step 2

Now draw the muzzle and neck, expanding to the chest. Next, draw the torso that goes into a long tail. Then attach volume to the legs and outline the large tail fin.

Learn to draw a hippocamp

Step 3

Let us now proceed to detail the hippocampus. In this step we will need to draw out the outline of the head, draw an eye, mouth and remove all unnecessary lines from the head.

How to sketch a hippocampus step by step

Step 4

We continue to draw the head of the hippocampus. Here we need to draw the ears, outlines of the neck and a thick mane. Remove all unnecessary lines and draw gills on the neck.

How to draw a monster from greek myths

Step 5

Now go to the chest and carefully draw out the outlines of the ribs and spine, emerging from under the skin. Remove the lines drawn by us in the first and second steps.

How to draw a myth monster

Step 6

Now we need to accurately draw out the legs, removing all the unnecessary guidelines drawn by us in the same first two steps. Do not forget to draw out the shape of the muscles and hooves.

Learn how to draw a hippocamp step by step

Step 7

Now using two long curved lines draw the long tail. Next, draw a large fin and remove the remaining unnecessary lines. The hippocampus drawing should look clean and neat, as shown in our example.

Hippocamp drawing

Step 8

So, we need only to add shadows to the hippocamp, to make the drawing finished. As we usually say, in order to make beautiful shadows, use dense hatching.

How to draw a hippocampus

The world is full of myths and legends. In ancient times people believed in these creatures, but now these are characters that we can see in different movies, books and games. We are going to create drawing lessons about the most different characters from different myths and legends. If you will share our lessons, then we will be able to create these lessons more often.

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