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How to Draw a Screw

How to draw a screw

Hello everybody. This drawing lesson will be devoted to how to draw a screw.

Step 1

At first we sketch out two lines in the form of the capital letter T.  This figure will help to make our screw the most symmetrical.

How to draw a screw

Step 2

With the help of simple oval draw out the head of the screw. Under the head draw the body of the screw using straight lines.

Learn to draw a screw

Step 3

Using two crossing lines draw out the drive on the top of the head. On the body of the screw sketch out the thread.

How to sketch a screw

Step 4

Now accurately draw out the drive and thread of the screw using dark and smooth lines.

How to draw a screw step by step

Step 5

Now let’s add some shadows. Use dense hatching to get the best result.

How to draw a screw

Today, using simple techniques, we learned how to draw a screw. Now we want to give you some useful tips that will help you in the drawing process. Do not forget about the good old reception – to bring the drawing to the mirror, in order to see all the inaccuracies in the proportions. Be especially careful when you draw the thread – try to make all the lines exactly the same.


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