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How to Draw a Cheese

cheese pencile drawing

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a cheese. This guide is pretty simple, but you should end up with a realistic piece of cheese.

In the world, there are a huge number of different types of shit, which can be quite different from each other in appearance. But using this instruction, you can draw almost any cheese, adding certain distinctive features to the sketch.

So let’s start this lesson and find out how to draw a cheese!


Step 1

Start sketching the cheese from a regular parallelogram – a quadrilateral whose opposite sides are parallel in pairs. This will be one side of the cheese slice. By the way, we remind you that the first steps of drawing must be performed with very light lines.

How to draw cheese

Step 2

Draw a triangle at the top of the cheese parallelogram. The base of the triangle should be slightly rounded, as in our example. As you can see, we have created the basic shapes of the cheese drawing using two simple geometric shapes.

How to draw cheese step by step

Step 3

So it’s time to turn this geometric shape into a cheese drawing. To do this, start adding holes as shown in our example. The holes on the surface of the cheese drawing should be of different sizes and in no particular order. By the way, the holes are formed from cheese milk due to milk fermentation.

drawing cheese

Step 4

Now put your pencil aside and grab an eraser. Carefully and slowly erase all the construction lines, giving the drawing a clean and complete look. You can add more some new holes, or change their shape.

draw a cheese

Step 5

In order for the cheese drawing to acquire volume and weight, you need to add some shadows. As always, you first need to identify the light source. Then, with that in mind, start adding shadows. First, draw shadows in the darkest places, then gradually move to the lightest.

cheese pencile drawing

It was a cheese drawing guide. You can leave it black and white, as in our example, or paint it yellow as Wolverine’s costume. We hope you enjoyed this drawing instruction. If you like to make beautiful drawings of food, we advise you to try our lessons about an apple and donut. In addition, you can put the cheese drawing next to an apple, donut, or other items that you can find in our Food and Misc categories to form a still life.


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