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How to Draw a Mug Step by Step

How to draw a mug

Hello everyone. We often make very complicated drawing tutorials, such as tutorials about a samurai or Ferrari. Today we decided to make something easier and present you a lesson about how to draw a mug.


Step 1

At first draw a flat oval. It is the upper edge of our mug.

How to draw a mug

Step 2

Now draw two vertical straight lines as in our example.

Learn to draw a mug

Step 3

Using a slightly curved line draw out the bottom of the mug.

How to draw a mug step by step

Step 4

Using two curved lines draw out the handle as in our example.

Mug drawing

Step 5

Let’s make our drawing more realistic. Add shadows to the mug using hatching.

How to draw a mug

In this drawing lesson we showed you how to draw a mug. You can draw a mug either separately or on the table in a composition with other subjects from our site, such as with a vase.


  1. It’s the best thing about drawing for learners that’s this easy

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