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How to Draw a Dark Eldar

Dark eldar drawing

We created a new lesson about the Warhammer 40 000 universe. And today we will show you how to draw a Dark EldarYou probably know that the eldar are elves in 40 000 world. That is why our hero will have long limbs and thin body. So let’s start to draw!


Step 1

First we will draw stickman of this warrior. He has a very tall figure his height is equal to the sum of the lengths of 8 heads. The pelvis and chest should be very narrow but the chest should be wider than the pelvis.

How to draw a dark eldar


Step 2

Let’s now add some volume to the body of our character. First of all draw a line of eyes on the head. Next, sketch out the body using simple geometric lines. Now we sketch out the arms and legs also using simple geometric figures. Our warrior has no neck in this perspective, but he looks very tall and thin.

How to sketch a dark eldar


Step 3

If you did everything right, then you have such a schematically a Dark Eldar. And in this stage we will make this figure more similar to Warhammer 40 000 warrior. In the right hand draw a plasma gun. If we suddenly called this weapon wrong, please write about it in the comments. After that we go down a little lower and sketch out high boots.

How to draw a dark eldar from Warhammer 40000


Step 4

In this step we draw a helmet that completely covers the head and face. We do not need to draw facial features in detail. In this step, we draw only the contours of the evil eyes and the vertical line of the helmet from nose to chin.

How to draw a dark eldar from Warhammer


Step 5

Now is the time to draw armor that protects the body of our warrior. We draw two large plates in the area of the pectoralis major muscles and several small plates of armor on the abdomen

How to draw Warhammer characters


Step 6

In this step of the tutorial about how to draw a Dark Eldar, we draw the hands. Our hero is clothed in armor from head to toe, so we don’t need to draw the muscles in detail. Using undulating and straight lines draw the gun in the right hand. And in the left hand draw the left fist. Don’t forget to draw the lines of the armor.

Drawing tutorials


Step 7

Now let’s move on to the lower part of the body of our warrior. Carefully draw the belt with a round buckle. Next draw out the legs with the elements of the armor. And at the end of the step draw out holes and torn edges on folds located between the legs of our Dark Eldar.

Dark eldar drawing tutorial


Step 8

The lesson about a Dark Eldar from Warhammer 40 000 is practically finished, and we only need to draw some shadows, making our drawing more realistic. First we determine the light source, then we draw shadows in the least lit areas by hatching of different intensity. More dense hatching for darkest areas, and less intensive for less shaded areas.

How to draw a dark eldar

Thank you for reading and drawing dear artists. Don’t forget to write what drawing lessons you want to see on the pages of our site!

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