How to Draw a Donut

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how to draw a donut

It’s the team of artists of Drawingforall with a new drawing tutorial. Today we will learn how to draw a donut

! In fact, it is a fairly simple lesson, and even the amateur artist can handle it. So, let’s start the tutorial!

Step 1

At first we draw donut’s contours in the shape of an oval. The shape of a donut is ready. Since this is the first stage, try not to press too hard on the pencil. The lines should be as light as possible in order to make changes to the donut drawing without any further problems. And we move to the step 2.

how to draw a donut step by step

Step 2

In the center of the figure that we have just drawn we need to draw an ellipse. It will be a donut hole. The lines of this step should also be performed using the lightest lines. The basic donut draft is ready, and starting from the third stage we will start working with the details. If your donut sketch is similar to ours, move to the next step.

donut drawing

Step 3

In fact, we almost drew a donut. It remains only to give it a finished look. Outline the contours of the glaze by using smoothly and curved lines. Add texture to the donut sketch using a wavy line, as in our sample. If your donut drawing looks the same as the drawing from the artists of, then it’s time to move to the last stage.

Draw a donut

Step 4

So, we got to the last step. And at this step we add the shadows. But first add remaining textures to the lower part of the donut drawing. As in our previous lessons, we recommend adding the shadows using the hatching (for example as in tutorial on how to draw a muffin).

drawn donut

Using four simple steps, the team showed you how to draw a donut. It was an easy job, is not it? But if you like the more difficult lessons, we recommend you a lesson on how to draw wolverine. If you want to help our site, then be sure to subscribe to us in social networks and share this and our other drawing tutorials. So, stay tuned, and All the best!

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    • Gionnani

      Are you crazy that is so easy my family are pros.

    • Stepan Ayvazyan

      We have two lessons on how to draw an apple. One tutorial for beginners, and the second a little more difficult but more realistic.

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