How to Draw a Cute Chibi Easy

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How to draw a cute chibi easy

One of the most popular categories on our site is the category under the name “Anime”, and mostly because we publish lessons about chibi there. And today this category will be supplemented with a new drawing lesson in which the team of DrawingForAll will show you how to draw a cute chibi easy.


Step 1

First of all, we sketch out the round and cute head of our chibi character. On the head we sketch out two simple intersecting lines.

How to draw a cute chibi girl

Step 2

An extremely simple step in which we will draw the torso and legs using a long and smooth line.

How to draw a cute chibi catgirl

Step 3

Another very simple step, in which we sketch out the lovely small arms and long tail of our cute chibi.

How to draw a cute chibi easy

Step 4

Let’s add some details to our cute chibi. On the head sketch out the cat’s ears, outlines of the eyes, eyebrows and hair.

How to draw a chibi catgirl easy

Step 5

Using clear and dark lines, carefully draw out the outlines of the eyes and paint the pupils using hatching.

How to draw a cute chibi girl easy

Step 6

This step looks more complicated than it really is – here we just need to draw the outlines of cute chibi with clear and dark lines.

How to draw a cute chibi easy

This lesson was quite specific, since we decided to make a chibi in the form of a cute little cat girl. But you can make it a bit different, for example, like a cute fox or a small wolf, adding the details of these animals accordingly, instead of what you can see in our example. And do not forget that you can subscribe to us on social networks, so as not to miss new drawing lessons from the category “Anime” and other categories on DrawingForAll.

24 Responses

  1. failing

    So simple yet I can’t even draw it 🙁 ugh

  2. Joel

    It worked perfectly but I changed some parts it looks good I thnik


    I failed over such a simple drawing, but I won’t stop trying!

  4. art girl

    how! i was soooo close but it looks like shes looking at you

  5. Ury the Chibi Artist

    This helped me so much thank you for the FREE steps!

  6. OwO

    I love it! Your drawing toturial´s are amazing

  7. manuru

    ugh. i wonder if i still have any hope left at this point … hopefully i get better over time 😞 . Thanks 😀 this was great ! I just need to practice more ( a lot More 😐)

  8. galaxy crafts

    I love you art but I cant be a as good as you

  9. Persephone

    this looks so cute i going to draw it but a wolf version I will change the tail and ears so I can make it into a wolf because wolves are my favorite animal.

  10. eH

    Yeah, it looks so easy but so tUff… I tried to make those cute kawaii eyes, the black circles with 2 white dots because I was using a sharpie, but then the sharpie leaked and covered the white dots, making the eyes look soul less. So, using my unfortunite mistake, I made her a wolf with a troubled expression, dEmOn WoLf ChIbI

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