How to Draw a Chibi Cat

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how to draw chibi cat for kids

Hi! Now is the time for a very simple drawing lesson, is not it? And we make a new post in which we will told you how to draw Chibi Cat.


Step 1

First we draw a pair of rounded figures. Figures should be placed one on the other as in our sample.

how to draw chibi cat


Step 2

Then we will draw the contours of the ears and paws. After that, we will draw a tail. It is large enough and tall.

how to draw anime cat


Step 3

We are expecting a very easy step of a very easy drawing lesson. So let’s draw. So let’s draw eyes, nose and mouth. The mouth and nose should be located very close to each other.

how to draw chibi cat step by step


Step 4

And we have a final step. We need only draw the right contours.

how to draw chibi cat for kids


16 Responses

  1. Army ♡

    Wow! This is very helpful. Thanks a whole bunch 🙂😀

  2. artist insomniac

    simple, but yet the cutest kitty tutorial ever♡

  3. Paige

    Thanks so much for letting me draw this ADORABLE cat! ~Huggies~

  4. Anyonomeows

    Thx this saved me SO much time to draw a cute cat

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