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How to Draw a Chibi Witch

How to draw a chibi witch

Do you like anime as well as we do? Today we want to touch on the topic of anime, and to be precise, the topic of chibi.

Step 1

So, as always, start with the head of our cute chibi character, drawing it with such a round shape. Next, draw two lines on the face and move to step number two.

How to draw a chibi witch

Step 2

Now sketch out a small torso and limbs. Recall that the head of the chibi is much larger than the head of the average anime character (and any ordinary human).

How to draw a chibi witch

Step 3

Now we need to “dress” our character and add the most basic details. Sketch out eyes, hair and clothing elements.

How to draw a chibi witch step by step

Step 4

Now we need to be more careful. Using clear and dark lines, carefully draw out the eyes and pupils with glare inside them.

Learn how to draw a chibi witch step by step

Step 5

Now draw the upper part of the head, or rather the headpiece of our chibi witch. We drew a hood, but you can draw a pointed hat worn by canonical witches.

chibi witch drawing tutorial

Step 6

Now we need to accurately draw out the torso of our chibi witch and her limbs. In the same step, we delete all unnecessary auxiliary lines.

How to draw a chibi witch

If you visited our category called “Anime” and opened lessons on the subject of chibi, then perhaps you already understood that all chibi are drawn approximately equally. They have a big head, big eyes and a disproportionately small body. They also have very schematically drawn limbs and details of the face. So you can feel free to use the drawing of the principles of this lesson to draw any other chibi character. By the way, we did not take this character out of our heads, this is a rather famous character of anime. If you have guessed who is this, then write your guesses in the comments to this article.

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