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How to Draw a Chibi Man

How to draw a chibi character

In this super simple and cute drawing lesson, the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw a chibi man with eight super simple steps. We have previously repeatedly described how to draw a variety of characters from comics, films and other works of art in the style of chibi. And here the team of Drawingforall.net wants to create such an ultimatum lesson in which we collect all the principles of drawing anime man.


Step 1

Any figure of any person begins with the construction of a skeleton, and the instruction about how to draw a chibi man is no exception. Let’s start with the head, depicting it in the form of a normal circle. Then create the spine, rib cage and pelvis, as well as the limbs. The head must be traditionally very large.

How to sketch a chibi character

Step 2

Draw a crosshair on the head, which will serve as a kind of guide for future details of the face. Next, thicken the neck and create a plump torso. In the same second stage we depict the limbs. Note that chibi have different proportions. For example, in one of the last instruction the chibi character had much less realistic proportions, and in this lesson the proportions are more close to the real ones.

How to draw chibi characters

Step 3

Now let’s work with the most important details on the chibi man drawing. We start with the head, creating eyes and a smile. Next, we climb a little higher and create a lush hairstyle, as was done by the artists of Drawingforall.net. By the way, to find out as much as possible about chibi hair, go to our instruction called how to draw anime hair.

How to draw chibi

Step 4

Now we need to do roughly the same thing, but with the body of the chibi man. In this step, we will dress him up with a T-shirt and shorts. Using several very simple and light lines, we outline everything, as shown in our drawing that was drawn by the artists of Drawingforall.net.

How to draw a chibi character easy

Step 5

The basic sketch of a chibi man is completed, and starting from the fifth stage we will deal with the final touches and details. Using either dark pencil lines or ink, trace the face and his lush hair. Make eyebrows and eyelashes especially dark. Complete the fifth stage by removing all unnecessary lines from the chibi man’s head drawing.

How to draw chibi characters for beginners

Step 6

Now let’s detail the upper body of the chibi man. First of all, carefully draw a T-shirt with all the many folds. Next, trace the neck and arms. After that, remove all the guidelines from the torso to make the chibi man’s drawing clean and neat. You can also add some logo or inscription on the chest.

How to draw chibi characters

Step 7

In the seventh stage of the article on how to draw a chibi man, we will finish creating his simple body. Trace the pants, legs and shoes with dark and clear lines. Add all the necessary folds, stitches and pockets. Here, too, you can draw details, such as additional pockets on the pants or laces on the shoes.

Chibi character drawing

Step 8

Draw pupils in the form of two black small ovals. Then draw hatching in the large eyes, leaving a little glare inside them. To make this picture more voluminous and solid, add shadows in the form of hatching. Put hatching in the areas indicated in our example under this description.

How to draw a chibi character

The team of Drawingforall.net tries to make all our instruction simple and accessible to everyone. If we have achieved our goal, be sure to write us about it by e-mail, in the comments section or in our social networks.


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