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How to Draw Chibi Yondu

How to draw chibi Yondu

Did you miss Chibi? We really missed these funny guys. How about practicing drawing them again? We recently created a Star Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy team. We noticed that this drawing lesson became very popular and we realized that you love the Guardians of the Galaxy. That is why we decided to create a lesson about how to draw chibi Yonda step by step.


Step 1

If you have already draw Chibi on our lessons, you roughly represent in what sequence we work with these lovely little men. As always, first we draw the contours of a big head and a small body. After that, use the narrow strip of the neck to connect the two figures.

How to draw Yondu for kids


Step 2

Draw the limbs of our Chibi Yondu. As you know, the classical human anatomy does not touch Chibi’s body at all. Therefore, we draw the usual curved rounded shapes instead of hands and a pair of rectangles instead of legs. Also in this step, we will draw two intersecting lines. Note that the eye line is very low. This is another Chibi drawing feature.

How to draw chibi Yondu from comics


Step 3

You know the unusual features of the appearance of Yondu Udonta. Now we will draw these distinctive features. Using the guide lines from the previous step, we draw the eyes. You know that all Chibi have huge expressive eyes. Under the eyes draw a small dash. This is a mouth. On the top of the head we draw a mohawk hairstyle.

How to draw chibi Yondu step by step


Step 4

We proceed to the final details in the chibi drawing. First, circle the pupils and thicken the eyelashes. Next, draw the eyebrows and a small mouth. By the way, in the style of chibi very rarely depict a nose. In our case, it is indicated schematically in the form of a dash.

Trace a mohawk hairstyle, ears and remove all unnecessary guidelines from chibi Yondu head.


Step 5

Now let’s circle the body of our chibi Yondu. We need to draw the details of clothing, arms and legs so that they are dark and clear. By the way, you can circle your chibi Yondu drawing with a marker or ink, which will make your drawing more like a comic.

Chibi Yondu drawing tutorial


Step 6

The chibi Yondu drawing is practically finished, and we just have to give it a little bit more volume by drawing shadows. Let’s begin with the eyes, painting the pupils with hatching and leaving small highlights. Next, with the help of hatching, add the shadows under the hairstyle, cape at the side part of the pants.

How to draw chibi Yondu

If you want more lessons about the chibi or more lessons on the marvel universe, do not forget to write us a comment about this. Your progress in the visual arts is very important to us. We want you to get better with each new drawing lesson. See you on the pages drawingforall.net!

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