How to Draw a Cup of Tea

How to draw a cup of tea

Tea can be drunk from a variety of containers – cups, mugs and probably directly from the kettle. But probably the most classic dishes for tea is a cup. We have already shown you how to draw a cup, but today’s article will be specifically about how to draw a cup of tea.


Step 1

First of all we draw two ovals – a large at top and a small one below. Connect these two ovals with two straight lines.

How to draw a cup of tea

Step 2

Now draw two large flat ovals – one inside the other. It will be a plate under the cup.

How to draw a cup of tea

Step 3

Draw a teaspoon on the plate. Draw the top face of the cup and the line of the filled tea inside. Also draw the handle and a thread of a tea bag.

How to draw a cup of tea step by step

Step 4

Now gently erase all unnecessary and excess lines and using clear lines draw out our cup of tea drawing.

Learn how to draw a cup of tea

Step 5

Use straight and clear strokes to draw the glare on the cup and plate. Using curved lines draw a glare on the spoon and the surface of the tea. At the end of the step, add shadows by hatching.

How to draw a cup of tea

It was quite difficult, but now (hopefully) you learned how to draw a cup of tea. Our site is constantly updated and you can contribute to its evolve, and you only need to share this lesson and subscribe to us in all the social networks where you will find us.

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  1. olivia

    it was hard to do i don’t really like this app you need to show more steps

  2. Jenilia

    It’s easy to draw this you can draw something different

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