How to Draw a Bulldog

how to draw a bulldog

Kind time of the day, dear artists and welcome to the drawing lesson about how to draw a bulldog step by step. The steps in this lesson remind the steps in the lesson on how to draw a wolf.

Step 1

First of all let’s outline the skeleton, the basis of our bulldog. Draw a head in the form of a circle and torso in the form of two circles. Sketch out the limbs with the help of simple lines.

how to draw a bulldog

Step 2

Now sketch out the ears, eyes and the muzzle. Connect the circles with a common contour and add volume to the limbs of our bulldog.

how to draw a bulldog step by step

Step 3

Erase all the extra lines from the head and draw out the head with the help of clear and dark lines. Carefully draw the eyes, nose and face with drooping cheeks. Add wrinkles.

learn to draw a bulldog step by step

Step 4

Using clear and dark lines circle the outline of our bulldog’s body. Draw the muscular torso and limbs with clawed paws.

how to draw a bulldog with a pencil

Step 5

A very simple step in the lesson about how to draw a bulldog in which we only need to erase all unnecessary remaining lines.

bulldog drawing

Step 6

Gradually start adding shading starting from the darkest areas. Shading will help make our drawing more realistic and three-dimensional.

how to draw a bulldog

The bulldog drawing is ready. Do not forget to share our lessons and subscribe to us on social networks to stay up to date on all updates on our website.

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