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How to Draw Daggett from the Angry Beavers

How to Draw Daggett from the Angry Beavers

Hello! New drawing lesson ready. Today we present you a lesson on how to draw a beaver. And not the usual – Daggett Beaver, character of the animated series about Angry Beavers.

 Dagget lives in a dam with his brother Norbert, the lesson about whom we will show in one of our next articles. So, let’s scroll the page and learn how to draw Daggett from the Angry Beavers.


Step 1

Let’s start to draw the contours of the body. As you can see, in the first stage, the shapes of body is similar to the deployed letter “L” with a pointed end.

How to Draw Daggett from the Angry Beavers


Step 2

You have already drawn this simple thing? Okay, let’s moving on. Now draw a pair of eyes in the upper part of the figure from the previous step.

  • The eyes are very close to each other;
  • The right eye from us a little bigger than the left;
  • At the top of the eyes draw a short, thick and curved line.

How to Draw Daggett Beaver


Step 3

If beaver has an angry look now, you did everything right. Now draw a few details that will create the desired appearance. First the angular wrinkle on the ending of the lines of mouth. Then we move to the left and draw a couple of teeth, they slightly expand downwards.

Then, just above – draw the lines of the nose. Well, then draw three dots and mustache sticking out in different directions.

How to Draw Daggett Dufus


Step 4

In this step we draw the arms. First is better to draw the upper arms and forearms, and then – long, thin fingers. Have you ever seen long thin fingers of beavers?

How to Draw Daggett from the Angry Beavers step by step


Step 5

Draw back of the neck – as you can see, it’s just a pair of long triangles in the area of the spinal column (a bit like a dragon crest). Draw the sower legs with short smooth lines, splayed in different directions. Also draw the characteristic beavers tail, as in our example.

Daggett from the Angry Beavers Drawong


We hope that after this lesson you learned how to draw Daggett from the Angry Beavers. Do not forget to subscribe to us in social networks and come to Drawingforall.net for new drawing lessons.

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