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How to Draw a Shrimp

Shrimp drawing

If you really love wildlife, then you see a lesson in drawing an animal. If you like tasty dishes, then you see a lesson in drawing one of the main components of a delicious pizza or salad. So let’s start working with a guide on how to draw a shrimp step by step!


Step 1

First we draw the contours of the body of our shrimp. You can see a smooth constriction near the tail. In the chest area, the body of the shrimp expands smoothly. Draw the contours of the legs.

Shrimp drawing tutorial


Step 2

Our shrimp should change a lot after this step. In order not to get lost in a lot of details, you should stick to one direction. We start with the head of our shrimp. Draw eyes, mouth and mustache. Do not make the eyes of the shrimp too expressive. It’s just a circle.

After that, we move to the tail and draw shell segments. We conclude the lesson by drawing the legs of our shrimp.

How to draw a shrimp step by step


Step 3

We erase the extra lines from the head and torso of the shrimp. Draw a pointed tail and pointed legs. Draw the details of the shell of the shrimp. Pay particular attention to the size of the shell segments.

How to sketch a shrimp easy


Step 4

As in the other drawing lessons, in the last step we will work with shadows. Shadows look like a sweeping hatch on the lower edge of the shell. A wide hatching should also be placed on the shrimp head.

How to draw a shrimp

Drawing shrimp is not very different from drawing insects. If you want to be able to draw other rare animals, you can write about it in the comments.

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