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How to Draw a Parrot

How to draw a parrot

We have recently drew a huge number of different animals, in particular birds. But you very often asked us to show you how to draw a parrot, and today we decided to fulfill this request.


Step 1

A very simple beginning: a circle for the head and an oval for the torso, drawn with very light lines.

How to draw a parrot

Step 2

Now continuing to use very light lines sketch out a long tail, paws and a stick on which the parrot sits.

Learn to draw a parrot

Step 3

Add a line on which the eyes will be located. Sketch out the wing and the tail of our parrot.

How to sketch a parrot

Step 4

Connect all the details of the drawing using smooth lines. Add an eye and a beak.

Learn how to draw a parrot

Step 5

Now delete all unnecessary guidelines and carefully draw out the drawing, making the lines clear and beautiful.

Parrot drawing tutorial

Step 6

Now add the stripes with very short strokes. Draw some shadows and using long curved lines create a wood texture on the branch.

How to draw a parrot

Write to us, with what difficulties you encountered in the lesson about how to draw a parrot. Also in the comments section we are waiting for your wishes and criticism of our site in general and this lesson in particular.


  1. Everything’s cool, I like the drawing, like the details BUT, this ain’t parrot…

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