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How to Draw a Chocolate Bar

how to draw a Chocolate bar

Hello everyone and welcome to DrawingForAll. We have a lot of different drawing lessons about good, such as an apple or an orange. And in this drawing tutorial we will tell you about another everyone’s favorite product – a chocolate. So let’s begin the drawing tutorial about how to draw a chocolate bar.


Step 1

Using straight lines draw a rectangle. It the general shape of our choice bar.

how to draw a Chocolate bar

Step 2

Now draw the outlines of the open package using uneven lines, as shown in our example.

how to draw a chocolate bar step by step

Step 3

Our drawing consists of two parts – open and closed. Draw the interesting lines on the open part of our chocolate bar.

sketch out a chocolate bar

Step 4

A very simple step where we only need to draw straight lines beside the lines from the previous step. Just make it as in our drawing.

chocolate bar drawing lesson

Step 5

This step is even easier than the previous one. Just grab an eraser and delete all unnecessary lines from the chocolate bar drawing.

Chocolate bar drawing

Step 6

And the last step. At the last steps of all our lessons we usually add shadows, and here we will do the same thing. And as in all our lessons we will use hatching to apply shadows.

how to draw a Chocolate bar

So, it was a lesson about how to draw a chocolate bar. It seems to us that it was pretty simple tutorial, but if you otherwise, then be sure to write about it in the comments.


  1. As a young student, this was very helpful for my homework. Keep these step by step tutorials up.

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