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How to Draw a Muscle Car

How to draw a muscle car

If you want to learn how to draw a muscle car, then this simple drawing instruction prepared by the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to do it easily and quickly. These powerful monsters were created to not only take you from one point to another, but also to give bright emotions. Big, heavy, loud and rough – In muscle cars there are all the wonderful things for which it is worth loving the American automobile industry of the 1960s. So let’s get down to the lesson on how to draw a muscle car.


Step 1

In order to properly draw a muscle car, the team of Drawingforall.net first of all recommends scribing outlines of the body. It should be sketched with very light lines in order not to encounter any difficulties when making changes. To make your car drawing look more like a muscle car, sketch a large and powerful body and a low roof.

How to draw an american car

Step 2

Now we need to depict the guiding lines of the most basic details on the muscle car drawing. Let’s start from the front, outlining a fairly distinctive grille and round headlights. Next, sketch out the large tires (muscle cars always have very large and powerful wheels), the outlines of the windscreen and the line of the side windows.

How easy to draw a muscle car

Step 3

The basic sketch of the muscle car is complete, and now we need to start tracing the muscle car with clearer and darker lines. Let’s start with the front of our coupe and trace the headlights. Note, that Ford Mustang of old generations has round headlights, like most old school muscle cars. Next, we trace the lines of the bumper and hood.

How to sketch a muscle car

Step 4

As mentioned above, the roof of muscle cars is very low, so that the cars have a better aerodynamic performance. So, we trace the lines of the upper part of the muscle car and depict the rear view mirror. By the way, you can also draw a hefty air intake sticking out from under the hood.

How to draw a muscle car for beginners

Step 5

There are a lot of lines on the side of this powerful American sports coupe, and in the fifth step of this instruction we will draw them. Depict the door (the only one, because this is a coupe), a side skirt and design lines running along the side of the body. Do not forget to sketch out the handle.

How to draw a muscle car easy

Step 6

Large and powerful tires and rims are a distinctive feature of not only muscle cars, but also of any supercars. Let’s trace the tires in this step and make them as smooth and rounded as possible. Similarly, you need to trace the outlines of the rims inside the tires.

How to draw a muscle car step by step

Step 7

Muscle cars of old generations have not very big tires, but the fashion of recent years makes the rims bigger and bigger. Therefore, show your imagination and depict rims of any shape that you like. In the guide about how to draw a car easy, we showed in more detail how to draw rims.

Muscle car drawing tutorial

Step 8

The muscle car drawing is almost complete, and in order to make it more realistic and voluminous, we want to draw shadows. Shadows are not difficult to draw. First, determine the light source, most often it falls from above. With this in mind, add a simple hatching to your artwork. You can adjust the darkness of the shadows by changing the pressure on the pencil.

How to draw a muscle car

We tried to make a lesson on how to draw a muscle car the most simple and affordable. If you encounter any difficulties in the process of designing muscle car, write us about it in the comments to this article or in our social networks. The team of Drawingforall.net is waiting for you on the pages in Pinterest (where you will find many shortened versions of our articles), Facebook and Twitter (where we publish announcements of our upcoming drawing lessons). We are always waiting for your suggestions and wishes, and also hope that you do not forget to share our drawing lessons.

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