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How to Draw X-23

X-23 drawing

Hello, dear friends. We really like comics and we very often draw different characters from different comics. And in today’s drawing lesson we decided to show you how to draw X-23.


Step 1

So, the first thing we need to do is outline the skeleton of our character. Sketch out the head in the form of an oval. Next, outline the neck, which goes into the spine. Then sketch out the chest and pelvis. Recall that unlike men, women’s shoulders are narrow and the pelvis is wide.

how to draw X-23

Step 2

On the head draw a horizontal line that will help to draw the eyes and the vertical, which will help find the center of the face. Draw the neck and torso, which strongly narrows around the waist and widens in the region of the hips. With the help of simple geometric figures sketch out the arms and legs. Sketch out the joints with the help of circles.

how to draw X-23 from x men

Step 3

So, now let’s start to outline the main details. First, sletch out long and straight hair falling on the shoulders. On the face we sketch out the eyes, a nose and a mouth. Connect the geometric shapes from the previous step using smooth lines. Draw the elements of clothing, two claws on each hand and one claw on each foot.

how to draw Laura Kinney

Step 4

Let’s start working with the final details. Carefully draw the hair of our X-23. Using clear lines drawout the eyes, nose and lips. Outline the contour of the face with a narrowing chin.

learn tp draw Laura Kinney x 23

Step 5

Now we move to the top of the body of X-23. Carefully draw out the torso, clothing and muscle lines. Next draw out the arms with clenched fists and sharp claws.

how to draw x 23 from marvel

Step 6

Let’s move to the lower body of X-23. It will be pretty simple step. Using smooth lines carefully draw out the legs. Note that the female legs are quite different from the legs of a man. They are wide in the hips and narrow to the knees.

how to draw X-23

Step 7

Shadows can be done in many different ways. You can make them as in this lesson, using hatching. This will make your drawing more realistic. You can also use dark and contrasting shadows, as for example as in the lesson about Deadpool. This will make your drawing more comic.

X-23 drawing

So, today we showed you how to draw X-23. This is a rather interesting character, which has gained quite strong popularity recently. If you liked this lesson, we are more than sure that you will enjoy the lesson about Wolverine and old man Logan.

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