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How to Draw Chibi Anime

How to draw chibi anime

This drawing tutorial will be devoted to how to draw chibi anime, and there is nothing strange in this, because this Japanese animation has captured the hearts and minds of many people. As you already know, it is a special style of drawing some heroes and villains in manga and anime when they are portrayed in children’s ratio of head and body.


Step 1

All chibies are drawn in approximately the same way, and in order to draw anime chibi correctly, we first need to outline the main parts of the body as a simple sketch. First depict the head of the chibi anime character, small neck and trunk, which must be no larger than the head.

How to draw chibi anime

Step 2

To draw chibi anime characters eyes and other face details, we need to draw auxiliary lines on the head. Next you need to outline the arms and legs, which should also be short and plump. By the way, in the first steps all the lines should be very light so that we can easily make changes and erase the lines that have become unnecessary in the drawing process.

How to draw chibi anime

Step 3

It is time to add minutiae to the drawing of our chibi character. Let’s start with the head, carefully sketch out the eyes and mouth, guided by the lines from the second step. To depict chibi eyes properly, first, depict the lashes in the form of simple curved lines, then the pupils in the form of ovals. Next, we outline the ears and lush hair with a large number of simple and slightly curved lines.

How to draw a chibi man

Step 4

Probably the easiest step of the instruction on how to draw chibi anime, in which we need to depict the details on the body. We draw a chibi anime character in classic clothes, but you can wear sneakers and a T-shirt on him. So, with rough lines, sketch the details, such as the collar, tie and cuffs.

How to draw chibi

Step 5

Let’s move away from using light and rough lines, and start working with clearer and more finishing lines. We start from the face, carefully circling it using dark lines. Next, draw the hair and remove unwanted guidelines from the head. By the way, you can use ink or a marker to circle your chibi anime drawing and make it dark and sharp.

Chibi anime drawing tutorial

Step 6

Here we have to do the same actions as in the previous step, but with the body. Using dark and clear lines, carefully draw all the details of clothing. In our case, as we said, this is a classic suit. To give your chibi character drawing a finished and clean look, remove any remaining unnecessary guidelines.

Chibi drawing

Step 7

And the final step in which we will add shadows to our drawing of chibi anime. First of all, paint the pupils with hatching, leaving a little glare inside. Next, using the hatching, add shadows as shown in our picture lower. To make the shadows thicker, add another layer of hatching to the chibi drawing.

How to draw chibi anime

By the way, did you know that the “chibi” word is borrowed from Japanese, and is translated as “little man”? For experienced anime fans, this word implies a very specific image, expressed in cute cartoon proportions. Chibi can be found in a lot of anime, and the list of pictures and TV shows can go on and on. We hope this article was interesting and informative, and with it you have learned how to draw chibi anime, and you can show your friends your cool chibi drawings. As we said at the very beginning, all the chibies are drawn approximately equally, and in this step-by-step instruction we showed in detail how this is done. You can use the knowledge that you learned in here to draw a chibi variation of any character.

How to draw chibi step by step

Above, you can see two more chibi boys drawn by the method described in this article. Try to portray them, then try to draw any other character of anime or comics this cute style. To enhance your artist skills in this cute anime-cartoon field of art, draw your favorite heroes and villains in different poses and from different angles.

How to draw chibi easy

In the picture above you can see very clearly that despite the fact that the characters drawn in the chibi style are very different have exactly the same drawing principle. And the most difficult step – try to portray yourself or your friends in this wonderful cartoon style.

So, dear readers, was this instruction helpful? What can you say about chibi? Write in the comments. Also, do not forget about the fact that we not only constantly update Drawingforall.net website, but also all the time we post new things on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. There you will find a lot of interesting and useful posts.

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