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How to Draw Chibi Batman

How to draw chibi Batman

One of the most interesting, unusual and old characters of comic books is Batman. We have already shown how to draw Batman and even how to draw Batman in metal armor, which you could see in the movie of Zack Snyder Batman v Superman. In today’s simple lesson we want to show how to draw chibi Batman.


Step 1

Like all lessons about chibi characters, our Batman begins with the outlines of a round head and intersecting lines on the head.

How to draw chibi Batman

Step 2

Now draw a small cartoon body of Batman. Recall that the bodies of chibi characters are very small in comparison with their heads.

How to sketch chibi Batman

Step 3

Sketch out small pointed horns (ears) on the head, eyes, opening for the mouth and mouth itself. Next sketch out the cape and the details of the costume.

Learn to draw chibi Batman

Step 4

Using clear and dark lines draw out the contours of the head and remove all unnecessary guidelines.

Chibi Batman drawing tutorial

Step 5

Now go to the bottom of the body and draw out the torso, arms and legs. Draw all the details of the costume and remove all unnecessary guidelines from the chibi Batman drawing.

How to draw chibi Batman

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  1. Do you know an easy way to draw it on a CHROMEBOOK? Put the paper on the screen then trace it. Make sure to set the light on your Chromebook to the maximum. Then you will have an exact result as the 1 online.

  2. Loving your tutorials. I’m learning to draw in part for a hobby I enjoy, and it gives my hands some extra much needed exercise!! Plus I am now my nephew’s her lmao. He gets the pics to color and keep. But thank you for these! Perfect for an old man beginning the hobby!

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