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How to Draw a Brussels Sprout

How to draw a brussels sprout

Many drawing lessons were created by the artists of Drawingforall.net website. And today we want to show how to draw Brussels sprout. We think that any person can draw Brussels sprouts. It is said that even scrambled eggs turn out to be different for an ordinary person and a cook, and in the field of graphic art as well, even such simple things can be drawn well or badly. In addition, drawing vegetables is very important for those who want to be able to paint still lifes.


Step 1

Start drawing a Brussels sprout with a regular round shape. Do not try to make a sketch of Brussels sprouts perfectly round and too dark, you should get this irregular geometric shape at the first stage.

How to draw a brussels sprout

Step 2

Now we need to mark the most large leafs on the Brussels sprouts drawing. Leaf lines should be jagged and slightly sinuous. Also depict the stem with a few simple lines.

How to draw a brussels sprout step by step

Step 3

Let’s now begin to thicken and darken the lines on the vegetable drawing. Make all the lines of leaves clear and more tortuous. Next, draw large and thick veins on the surface of the leaves.

How to draw a brussels sprout easy

Step 4

The Brussels sprout drawing is almost complete, and we just have to give it a bit of realism. To do this, we need to outline some shadows using hatching or rubbing. To make your vegetable drawing not appear floating in the air, draw a cast shadow under the vegetable.

Brussels sprout drawing

So, it was a lesson in which we drew a Brussels sprout. It is very important to begin to learn how to draw a vegetable separately, as well as in the composition of a classic still life next to apples or roses. Did you like this lesson or not? Write us about this in the comments for this article by e-mail. Your opinion is very important to us, because we create our drawing lessons specifically for our readers. Also, don’t forget to write us what drawing lesson you want to see on the pages of Drawingforall.net.

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